Reuse, Renew and Conserve is at the heart and soul of On the Purple Couch and its owner Bahia.  A Place to Create  our new shop in Kensington’s West Antique is all about Chalk Paint decorative paints by Annie Sloan, workshops and Home Decor.  We are a space for you to create  and transform your home.  Our space, the colors and the displays are all presented with the notion that we might create a space that transcends the every day and gives our guest a chance to come in and take a deep breath and be transformed if only for a time. Everything you see and find in the store has been carefully selected with you in mind. Our walls are painted with cooling hues of colors inspired by Chalk Paint® decorative paints by Annie Sloan.  The wall colors in our shop are a deep purple ( a custom mix of Annie Sloan’s paint, Graphite  and another wall in English Yellow.  You will find beautiful painted furniture, walls full of sample colors and techniques and beautiful scents and smells from the Nest Fragrances, a luxurious candle  line by Laura Slatkin.  In addition we also carry Calamarie eco-chic jewelry made out of orange peel by the women of Columbia, South America, all Fair Trade. 


The Name:

We are often asked how we came up with the name of the store…the only answer is that it was divinely inspired….and the fact that so many people love it is only confirmation of that. When I started planning and brainstorming names of the store, it was clear in my mind..code for “obsessed” with the notion  that no matter what the store was called I would have a “purple couch” in it. One afternoon while discussing store names with my mentor, Diane Bell-McKoy, she asked me why don’t I just call the store, the Purple Couch…that’s it!! That’s how the name was formulated and eventually became On the Purple Couch. 

Where is the couch? We’ve Got it~here it is painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in a custom color at a Fashion show at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring.

the purple couch, annie sloan, chalk paint, painted fabric

A nod to the past…this is our  first ever window in downtown Silver Spring on Bonifant street 2012…this is where we 1st got started

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